About Us

G eneUs is a mission to digitally transform the academic engagement of all stakeholders in the society by connecting students, parents, educators and institutions in a single platform seamlessly – knowledge driven, real-time, multi-lingual, powered by analytics. GeneUs aspires to facilitate education and learning experience through touch solutions - thereby enhancing classroom learning experience and access to information for the future citizens.

GeneUs is a In Qube innoventures initiative. InQube focuses on application of cutting-edge technologies and knowledge solutions to solve common man's problems - and giving them access to the best. InQube has several organizations under its portfolio - each of which works on specific focus of social impact areas with dedicated management and operations team. InQube offers Technology, Analytics and Design solutions to start-ups and corporates for digital transformation of their businesses.


Gene Us?

User-friendly interface interconnecting Academics & Administration.

Bridge the gap between school & parents.

Runs hassle-free in both Android and IOS platfrorms.

Reduces manual time spend by teachers on other office activities.

Easy to migrate data from other similar applications.

Acts as a ready reckoner for parents and teachers.

Reduces the usage of paper in schools. Go Digital !







Student Group




Class Work


Notice Board




Fees Payment


Bus Tracking






Event Calender

Our Offerings

  • Profile Management
  • TIme Table
  • Group Activity Management
  • Assignment
  • Notice Board
  • Event Calender
  • Class Work
  • Fees Payment
  • Bus Tracking
  • Childcare
  • Request
  • Academics

Our Team

Kalyan Kar
Co-Founder & Director

Kalyan is the Co-Founder & Director of InQube Innoventures, which incubates "Innovative Inclusive Initiatives".

Tridibesh Bandyopadhyay
Co-Founder & Director

PGDM (MBA) from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and recipient of 'SmithKline Beecham Award' for Excellence in Marketing at IIMC

Subhankar Pandey
Co-Founder & Director

Subhankar has a rare blend of Technological knowledge, experience and Business acumen with an experience over 15 years in IT